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Command Arms RONI Glock Conversion: AKA – The NFA Violation

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Command Arms Accessories is a firearms accessories company that specailizes in low cost, low quality plastic products. At least judging from every CAA product I’ve ever owned (yes, I know the plural of anecdote is anecdotes, not data.), but really I’m just not a fan of their stuff. Their hinges are cheap, the plastic is fragile, and in general their products just aren’t my favorite. It’s all seriously airsoft grade crap that’s no better than UTG/Leapers, or Tapco. Junky junk junk junk. But IT’S SO COOL LOOKING. OH MY.

My opinions aside, have you ever wondered what an NFA violation looked like? Well, the CAA RONI Glock shell thing is an over the counter product when combined with simply owning a Glock or other compatible firearm is what we in the industry would like to call, constructive possession. Yes. Of what you might ask? Why. It would be constructive possession of a short barreled rifle, otherwise known as an NFA violation. Without the appropriate paperwork ($200 Tax Stamp) and approval this could put you in jail just as fast as robbing a bank or kicking a toddler across state lines.

All for what? A plastic molded body around your Glock that adds a rail to your gun without doing a particularly good job of indexing it to the barrel? Oh boy! Sign me up for that! Really all you get is a stupid plastic shell for your plastic side arm that lets you play space marine (But if you wanted to do that, why not get a Beretta Storm? At least those were used in Battlestar Galactica). I really just don’t see the value in this product but hey if you do then by all means, pay the $200 to SBR your Glock and space marine it up.

At any rate, if I needed a compact 9mm sub gun, I’d just buy a Kel-tec Sub2000 and call it even.


Citation Needed

All media and information used in the creation of this op-ed were gratuitously stolen from’s SHOT 2011 Coverage. Check their page out for a video demonstration of this plastic NFA violation.


In case you didn’t already know. Tactical Parachutes and all of his editorials are his own opinion and do not reflect the views of The Light Rifle or the rest of the site. He’s kind of a jerk but hey at least he’s honest about his opinions.

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Written by Tactical Parachute

January 21st, 2011 at 1:48 pm

5 Responses to 'Command Arms RONI Glock Conversion: AKA – The NFA Violation'

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  1. No place will transfer this “accessory” without having an approved tax stamp in hand (or transferred to an FFL dealer without transmitting it to the seller). It’s not “over the counter.”

    The outer is plastic around an aluminum frame structure, not entirely plastic.

    Another model is being developed with a “faux” barrel meeting the minimum length requirements. The ATF is reviewing.


    18 Jun 11 at 11:59 am

  2. “No Place will transfer this accessor without having an approved tax stamp…”
    I hate to pull out the good old anecdote or two but I know that I can purchase a Mako Collapsible Glock stock over the counter at many stores that carry firearms accessories in my state even though short barreled rifles are expressly banned. Even when owning the stock and the Glock without physically attaching the two could still land your butt in jail.

    Besides there is no ATF requirement that stores have any Form 1 paperwork in hand when selling a product like this one, and I doubt CAA is going to go out of it’s way to see if it’s vendors are actually obeying any rules they set.

    Speaking of potential NFA violations waiting to happen.

    Just a quick edit:
    I just took a minute to read the terms and conditions on the Command Arms website and it doesn’t say anything about having to submit a copy of your Form 1 before they’ll ship. There’s just a warning that says danger will robinson constructive possession danger danger.

    I also noticed that the terms and conditions state that “If you transmit or provide data to us, other than credit card information, is non-confidential.” (sic). I also noticed this line “If you transmit o or post on our Web site any material, data, information, or ideas by any means, it will be treated as non-confidential and non-propietary and may be disseminated for any purpose.” (sic).

    You bet your britches I won’t be sending CAA any copies of my Form 1. That’s the last thing I need them spreading around willy nilly.


    18 Jun 11 at 12:09 pm

  3. “I hate to pull out the good old anecdote or two but I know that I can purchase a Mako Collapsible Glock stock over the counter at many stores that carry firearms accessories in my state even though short barreled rifles are expressly banned.”
    Will give the benefit of the doubt: Which stores can you buy a RONI item over the counter without paperwork? (No, not going to run over there and buy one, just asking proof.)

    As to the website, did you attempt to order one? There’s a lot of other stipulations and requirements once you list the item in the shopping cart. Just because it doesn’t say on the product page doesn’t mean no requirement exists.

    MAKO stock was not in discussion, the RONI accessory was. A simple websearch (you at least research gun toys before you buy, right?) on the item yields numerous sites discussing the requirement for a tax stamp. Ignorance would not be an excuse. Smart sellers will inform buyers of requirements before purchase, not just for holding/looking.

    Followed the novelty of the item, but not planning or even interested in purchase.Just commented because the article appears to lack any research other than “I saw it at a gun show and I wrote an article on it.” Publication does not make fact. Simple searches would have resulted in far more knowledge on the subject. Article author’s credibility suffers.


    19 Jun 11 at 1:41 pm

  4. I bought this conversion unit for my G17 Gen 4. This gun turned my G17 into a 50 yard rabbit gun. At 50 yds, I can shoot jacks all day long. I would say the group with a 4moa red dot scope is under 6 inches. To me it was worth the hassle of getting printed, meating with the Chief of Police for signature, and paying the $200.00 tax stamp. The author is wrong about the quality of the plastic. I would say its the same quality that is used polymer guns such as glocks. Very tough stuff. Doesn’t seem to be affected by the extreme temps I encounter hear in NV. Well below freezing to 117 degrees works fine. My suggestion is: test fire one of these before you pass judgement on them.


    11 Nov 12 at 12:38 pm

  5. 6″ at 50 yards is 12″ at 100 yards. I can shoot that with open sights which makes the RONI kind of pointless in my mind.

    Dutch Vanders

    20 Dec 12 at 4:57 pm

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