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Pink Four Inch Gun-Nutz – The #1 Plastic Testicles for your Firearm

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Methodology: Weights v1.0A | Scale Used: Ohaus 700/800 Triple Beam Balance

Sample Group Size: 1 | Total Weight : 6g (0.212 oz) 

No PDF Dataset will be made available for single measurement items.

Product Overview

Ohhh SNAP! They’re plastic nuts. Plastic nuts for your gun! These big pink plastic nutz for your gun are from the fine folks of The nuts come in eleven different colors including pink, black, chrome, and clear as well as three different sizes ranging from the pea-shooters you see hanging off of my monolithic carbine, to monster sixteen inchers for your Browning M2HB. Gun-Nutz also come with an optional m1913 rail attachment, but I felt that the best placement for these is somewhere behind the barrel.



The Light Rifle, and it’s writers have no affiliations with Gun-Nutz.

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to MazeOfTzeentch for sending in his very own personal set of pink-gun-nutz. We are forever in your gun-nutz debt. Also MazeOfTzeentch is also in no way related to Gun-Nutz other than as a customer.

Continuing Education

Check out our initial coverage of Gun-Nutz!

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Written by MisoBeno

February 7th, 2011 at 9:15 pm

2 Responses to 'Pink Four Inch Gun-Nutz – The #1 Plastic Testicles for your Firearm'

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  2. Cup the balls.. CUP THEM!


    26 Feb 11 at 8:48 am

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